Mount Mansfield State Forest-Vermont

Vermont, like Idaho, is basically all just one park.

Being our favorite state in New England and a short 2 hour drive from Boston, we visit as often as we possible can! We go into the woods every August to camp for my best friend’s birthday and hockey takes us up there in the winter at least every other year. Regardless of the reason, Vermont is always good for fun camping, awesome hikes and amazing beer!

Another trail I’ve always wanted to thru hike is the Long Trail. It runs through the entire state of Vermont North to South. It only takes less than a month to complete so it’s totally doable, but it’s very rainy all the time which I’m not sure I could deal with.


It runs through the entirety of the the Green Mountain National Forest which is home to many great hiking trails.


Not that it isn’t beautiful, but almost every single Vermont hike gives you this same view. Rolling hills of trees as far as the eye can see.

This is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve ever taken. I can’t decide if it looks like they’re about to drop a dope album or it’s the poster for their ABC Family show.

Version 2

This may go against the theme of a hiking blog, but I need to take a moment to appreciate the amazing breweries in Vermont. Because they are all great! But my favorite is Long Trail Brewing (and now you all know where they got that name!).


But honestly, anywhere you go you’ll get great beer and have an awesome time!


Okay, back to the nature talk.

We actually just got back from our annual Vermont trip. Canada has been hiking the highest point in every New England state this summer so we camped at Underhill State Park at the base of Mount Mansfield to strike that one off the list.


The hike up was a lot of fun! It was pretty tough and you think you’re so close a lot but it just keeps going. The views behind us were amazing though. We were hiking up into the clouds the whole time so we only got the views every now and then.


What kind of a deer is this?


The last bit of the trail to the summit follows the Long Trail and that’s where the wind really picked up. I’m terrified of wind but amazingly handled it quite well. I was just so excited to finally make it. There was a point where we were passing a couple of women coming the other direction and I tried to go around her but the wind gusted and slammed me right into her. Oops.


But we made it! We didn’t linger long at the summit because it was FREEZING and I could barely stand still without feeling like I was getting blown off the mountain.


We got our summit pictures in and then something miraculous happened. The clouds started to disappear!


The ranger at the top said it was the first time all day that you could see anything so that was cool! It didn’t help the wind situation at all though.


I think our faces say it all. I still don’t know how James didn’t lose his hat.


The way down was really rough and destroyed our knees so I would recommend doing an out and back with Sunset Ridge Trail if you’re like me and going down steep inclines isn’t your thing. But overall a super fun and rewarding hike!

The next day we took our sore legs down to Bingham Falls. It was just on the other side of Mount Mansfield but of course was a 40 minute drive getting all the way around. The carvings in the rocks from the water was awesome! I wish I had taken more pictures but we were busy trekking down to the bottom of the falls.


This picture makes it look much smaller than it was. We had some fun cliff diving.


I’m behind Mangel in this picture as he contemplates jumping after I chickened out the first time. I was up there for awhile until James came up and jumped right off and then my ego wouldn’t let me stay a second longer. It was a lot of fun but holy crap was that water cold once the adrenaline wore off.


It was a really fun weekend! Thanks again Canada for always planning awesome Vermont getaways. We’ll be back soon!

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