Shenandoah National Park

Our second park visit was a short one.


We took a quick trip up at the end of last summer during a trip down to NC to see my dad. We could only go for the day so we knew we’d only have time to drive Skyline Drive for a bit and do one hike. I heard great things about Old Rag from my cousin, but we just didn’t have time to fit it in so we settled on Hawksbill Mountain, the tallest point in the park, seeing as we had done the tallest point in Acadia already.


Skyline Drive was beautiful! Another park where’d I’d love to come back in the fall to see all the foliage.


I didn’t realize how high we were until we got started on the hike and the altitude really started getting to me. I’ve gotten much better with it, but altitude has always been a real bitch to my body. We took the beginning of the hike slow and I rebounded and we were good to go!


Views at the top were awesome, but the flies were awful! Bugs almost never bother me but we just couldn’t escape them. At least it was only at the summit so we just didn’t linger for too long.


One of the parts I was most excited about visiting Shenandoah was walking on the Appalachian Trail. I would LOVE to one day do the Appalachian Trail and have been obsessed with it ever since I read a book about a girl who ran away from home and hiked the AT. Basically the Wild for east coast teenage girls.


Needless to say, I picked a trail that took us on the AT for a stretch so I could live out part of my dream.


I was very excited.


The small portion we walked involved a lot of rocks so clearly it was meant to be!


We’ll definitely be back to explore more of the park, hike Old Rag and of course do the Appalachian Trail someday!

Three Things You Can’t Miss:

  1. Skyline Drive
  2. Old Rag
  3. Hawksbill Mountain

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