Rocky Mountain National Park (Part 1)

I say part 1 because we didn’t even scratch the surface of this park. We went out to Denver last fall for BU hockey (if we aren’t travelling for national parks, we’re travelling across the country following BU hockey. Next January we have the pleasure of going to Arizona for BU at ASU so we’re making a week out of it! But I digress.)

I’ve flown into Denver airport many times and every time I’m blown away by how awesome it is to look out at the vast plains of the middle of the country and even Eastern Colorado and then all of a sudden as you begin your descent into Denver you see what looks like clouds covering the horizon. Then you realize that it’s actually the Rocky’s dramatically plunging into the air. It gets me every time.


Denver University was beautiful and we had a great time there, despite BU getting swept.


We also really enjoyed the entire city of Denver. The breweries were obviously amazing AND the margaritas there are SO CHEAP!


It was basically heaven. But we knew that being that close to so many awesome mountains, we were going to want to check out the Rocky’s, even if only for a day.

So when everyone else left on Sunday, James and I stayed an extra day, rented a car and took off into the mountains!


The drive up through Estes Park was absolutely stunning. I wish I’d had more time to pull over and take pictures. We then entered the park and headed up Trail Ridge Road as far as we could. The road was closed just past Hidden Valley because of the season.



It was crazy how it was really hot in Denver all weekend and as we climbed several thousand feet up the road all of a sudden a snow storm broke out. I was pumped! Snow is my favorite!


Yeah snowballs and flip flops!


The coolest part was reaching 10,560 feet. I don’t think I’ve ever been two miles up before so that was awesome. Good thing we weren’t hiking or I probably would’ve passed out.


As we headed back down the mountains, we noticed a lot of cars pulling onto a side road so we decided to follow and were pleasantly surprised with a whole herd of elk.


I was freaking out! Wildlife is truly one of the best parts of national parks.


This guy and I got along great!


We got very lucky with all we got to experience in our short time in RMNP.


Just look at all the different colors! It was beautiful and hard to leave so soon, but we had to catch our flight back to Boston.

And of course we had to make time to stop in to Avery Brewing.


We will definitely be back to properly explore this park (after adjusting to the altitude for a few days of course), but it was awesome to see it at the end of normal visitor’s season without the crowds.

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